The Hour of the Analyst Dog

The artists and scientists behind


Klaus Spiess (AT) and Lucie Strecker (DE) are working in a cooperative with a background in art/performance as well as genetics/immunology.

Klaus Spiess currently directs the Arts in Medicine Program at the Center for Public Health at the Vienna Medical University as an associate professor.

Lucie Strecker is a performance artist and stage director with a diploma in fine arts from the Academy of the Arts, Berlin-Weissensee and graduated in stage directing at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. Since 2012 she has been a Fellow of the Berlin University of the Arts, Postgraduate Forum for the Arts and the Sciences and she now is a Senior Post-Doc (Elise Richter FWF PEEK) at the Art&Science dept of the University of Applied Art, Vienna.

Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker are running the cross-disciplinary joint project of the “Arts in Medicine” program at the Center for Public Health which cooperates with bioart theorists Jens Hauser (Medical Museum of Copenhagen University), the Arts and Psychiatry section of the World Psychiatric Association (Chair: Hans-Otto Thomashoff).

The group has developed hybrid performances/installations in the fields of biopolitics and bioarts and have already presented their work (which is funded by the Arts and Culture Department of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Department 7 of the Vienna City Council, the EU FP 7 and the Einstein Foundation) in the Tanzquartier Wien, Center for Contemporary Dance and Performance, at the Biofiction Festival in the Natural History Museum Vienna, the 21er Haus, Vienna; Budascoop, Kortrijk; the House of World Cultures, Berlin, and the Tate Modern, London. Their installations have been shown at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt., Berlin and the OK Cyberarts Center in Linz. They have received awards from the Austrian Science Fund and the “Performing Science Competition” at the Center for Media and Interactivity of Justus-Liebig University, Gießen, Prix Ars Electronica. Spiess and Strecker have been cooperating with choreographers Philippe Riera (Superamas), Ann Liv Young, Costas Kekis, Daniel Aschwanden and with performers Salk Ardal Rosengren, Rotraud Kern among others. Spiess and Strecker have published their work with Diaphanes, Taylor & Francis and Elsevier ( Performance Research, Kunstforum International, Springerin among others).


Daniel Aschwanden

Daniel Aschwanden (CH) lives and works in Vienna as a performer, choreographer, director and curator

Where art meets the social: Daniel Aschwanden initiates performative interventions in urban contexts, shares an interest in transdisciplinary and hybrid art formats, also intervening in public spaces in Europe, China, Africa. He puts an emphasis on cultural exchange and communication at eye level using a variety of art practices. His artistic work revolving around the body as an interface is presented in public space as well as galleries and theatres.

Founder and curator of Vienna’s first fringe festival “Tanzsprache”. Aschwanden received a states award for innovative practice in arts and the social. In 2006 artist in residence at Vienna’s Tanzquartier. Since 2012 guest lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen. Co-founder of, an interdisciplinary platform implementing art &culture at Vienna’s lakeside city. 2013 expert for performance @ social design studio @ applied arts, in 2015 appointed guest professor at art & communication practice, University of Applied Arts Vienna


Mark Rinnerthaler

Mark Rinnerthaler (AT) leads a working group at the Department of Cellular Biology/Genetics of Salzburg University. He extensively has published about genetics and cellular biology of yeast.